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Regular  Retail Price: $2,299.00 + $150.00 S&H


Order Yours Now for Only $974.50 and receive a Free front basket, a rear storage box, side stand, electronic alarm and Free Promotional Shipping Today!

In Stock: 3

Your Purchasing Options:

Complete Electric Bicycle with Lead-acid battery: $974.50

Complete Electric Bicycle with Lithium battery: $1,349.50

(Lithium batteries last about three times longer in lifetime, which is 8-9 years!)

Optional PowerPackage: $289.50

Optional Seat with Back Rest: $58.95








Customer Service is our Number One Priority!

"For all you folks out there that are looking for great get around town or city in this hot weather check out this site.
Just bought my bike a month ago it arrived by fed-ex 2 weeks later & I already have 200+ miles on it already!!!! I live in delray beach,fl & ride A1A to work 5 times a week its 20 miles to work, I plug it in at work, I leave work with another full charge to go 40+ miles again 20 miles home and alittle cruising too!!!!! "I Love this bike more than anything I've ever had before....To Death Do Us Part!!!" Absolutely QUIET not a whisper of sound ALL ELECTRIC goes 40+ miles,if you pedal you can go further and it also charges the battery!!!! alarm system state of the art sensor touch, speeed 20 miles per hour. horn,blinkers that beep loud at every turn & lets everyone know your there!!! AWESOME and only takes 110v plug to charge it take it with you wherever you go and plug it in.You guys rock...
David A -Delray Beach, FL
Andrew J.
" can't tell you how fun it is riding this bike.."
Steven P.
" delivering my bicycle directly to me, I mean to my door, is the most convenient way ever.."
Samantha L.
" I owe you a thanks  for my bike"
Michael A.




I purchased two  COZY BIKES from you a few months ago and i did want to thank you for all the joy we have gotten from these bikes.
If you remember, i asked if you had any in purple, and you did not.  so now i am sending you pictures of mine that we worked on yesterday.  My bike now has purple stripes!
We love these bikes and are so glad we purchased them.  They are great for retired people
thank you again and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Jean and Fred Johnson
" I purchased a similar bike from an other vendor but soon it turned out that I needed more power...and ended-up getting the cozybike. Wish I did not waste my money by trying to save it when I paid for the less powerful one at the very first place. Cozybike is the one that's worth the money!"





























































































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Imagine Yourself on Your New Electric Bicycle!

This amateur video is from one of our costumers


CozyBike LE  Adult Electric Bicycles

This electric bicycle enables you to exercise as you can on a regular bicycle by pedaling or you can cruise along as you were riding a motor scooter by the power of electric or you can do both the same time!

No license or registration required.





Why is this electric bicycle a better value than a

1. Regular bicycle?
  • because you have the option to use it as a motor scooter with the adjustable speed throttle in case you need extra power, such as going up the hill or your legs are just not the ones they used to be
  • because you wish to travel further with more confidence
2. Scooter?
  • because you can use it like a regular bicycle for exercising
  • because you can pedal it if the batteries go low
  • because it's a bicycle and not a scooter, so you can use it where scooters are prohibited
3. Gas powered vehicle?
  • because you do not need a license
  • because you do not need registration
  • because you can use your bike where motor scooters are banned
  • because it's quiet and elegant
  • because it makes no fumes and we all can breath cleaner air
  • because it's a lot cheaper to operate and own
  • because it's the future

Why is this Electric Bicycle a better investment than the other electric bikes on the market?

1/ 48 Volts electronic system generates 550Watts power in the hub. Others have the 12, 24 or 36 Volts system with a lot less power and efficiency. Also, the bikes has the front light, rear light, turn signals. The charger comes with it as well.

2/ Spokes connecting to the alloy wheel from the center hub. It does not have the easily-braking plastic wheels but the strong and adjustable spoke construction for more strength.

3/ Attached Stand and the large cargo area. Makes you able to park your bike anywhere.

4/ Superior Front suspension and V-brake. Providing you with a smooth and stable  ride with a great stopping power.


5/ Rear wheel has a band brake system. It is regenerative braking to charge the battery which can be seen on the dash board.

6/ Your bike has the lockable storage box .
It is removable.


7/ Front Basket for easy storage with the review mirrors.  These are also removable.


8/ Electronic Command Center with the speedometer, the charge indicator and the other displays.


9/ Elegant, easy-to-operate style with a wide footrest and the front side storage area.


10/ We offer the electric bicycles with the seat upgraded with a back rest. It's optional.

11/ Comfortable and adjustable wide seat with suspension springs to ensure enjoyable ride.



12/ Handy controllers at the handlebar to operate the horn, turn signals and the lights.


13/ Warranty: your electric bicycle comes with a one year warranty. Other bikes have the 30-60 days warranty. Feel free to reserve it today as the warranty begins after you receive the bike. Nothing to lose!

14/ Convenient Shipping. We do not charge you for shipping and we deliver your bike to your door and not a freight station.

Some other ideas:

The electric bicycle with a child seat (the bike doses not come with it)



Proposed Retail Price $2,299.00 + $150.00 S&H (with lead-acid battery)

Order Yours Now for Only $974.50 and receive a Free front basket, a rear storage box, side stand, electronic alarm and Free Shipping Today!

In Stock: 3

Your Purchasing Options:

Complete Electric Bicycle with Lead-acid battery: $974.50

Complete Electric Bicycle with Lithium battery: $1,349.50

(Lithium batteries last about three times longer in lifetime, which is 8-9 years!)

Optional PowerPackage: $289.50

Optional Seat with Back Rest: $58.95


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Electric bicycles are shipped directly from our Omega warehouse in Connecticut!


Order Online 24/7 to get the Free shipping
Monday through Friday 9:00AM until 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time

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Main reasons to own your electric bicycle:

  • going to work

  • doing your groceries

  • exercising

  • delivering  newspapers etc....

  • having fun

  • saving $ and making $

  • and a lot lot more!!!

In order to view the video about the electric bicycles , you may need to click on electricbike.


Model: Cozybike LE

Speed: up to 20 m/h or as fast as you can pedal.

Distance per charge: 40 miles. You can increase it if you pedal the electric bicycle.

Power: 550Watts

NEW! You can choose the PowerPackage to get the 1000 Watts Power for only $289.50! This option can be added on the order page. It cannot be added to your bike after it has been shipped.

Why this PowerPackage?

It will not increase the speed or the range of your bike but it will add extra power to it. It feels like driving a 8-cylinder car instead of a 4-cylinder, that extra power comes handy uphill or when pulling/carrying something with the bicycle.  It's well worth it!


Battery types:


Sealed lead-acid 48V/12 Ah (no maintenance ever!)


Lithium battery


Over current: 15A

Wheel size: 22"  It's suitable for both tall and short people due to the adjustable seat and handlebar!

Wheelbase: 50"

Light: 56V

The electric bicycle without the front basket and the rear storage box. If you order today, you will get them as well!



Some FAQ's

Why should I consider buying an electric bicycle?

 It is fun to ride, cost almost nothing to operate, gives you exercise (since you have the option to pedal it) and you will belong to the next generation who can think differently by reducing greenhouse gasses to save our Earth...just to name a few reasons.


How much does it cost to charge your electric bicycle?
 It costs about a nickel per charge. We don't recommend running the battery completely dead. You should charge it after every use.

How far can your electric bicycle go?
 It depends on many factors - terrain  wind, tire inflation, weight of rider, riding style.  

Hills are always a big power drain for any electric vehicle. We recommend that you assist by pedaling on hills. Depending on the steepness of the hills, this can double or triple your travel distance. You can also increase travel distance by starting off with a few cranks of he pedals to get you going. The power, distance per charge etc.. information on any electric bicycle are just estimated as they depend on may factors, some written above.


In what colors do they come?

We have them in red and blue

Where can I get parts for the
electric bicycles?
We supply parts for our bikes. Also, many of these parts are interchangeable with any regular bicycles, such as tires, chain etc..

How often do the batteries need to be replaced?
Generally every two or three years, or depending the use of your bike. We have them for only $198.59 (it may fluctuate) or, of course you can find these at other battery stores as well.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

If the battery is completely discharged it usually takes about 2-3 hours. It is recommended that you do not discharge it to extend it's life.

What if my battery dies while I am on a longer ride from my home?
Nothing special as you can use the bike as a regular bicycle to pedal home.

Can the battery pack removed? Yes, it can. Therefore the bike can be placed in your RV easily, or stored anywhere you want.

How heavy is the electric bicycle? With the batteries, it's about 90lbs.

Does the electric bicycle have throttle for speed variation?

Yes, it does. It means that you can ride as slow as you want or as fast as about 20 m/h.

Are the distance per charge and the speed of the electric bicycle firm?

No. They depend on the weight of the rider, the terrain, the inflation of the tires, the wind etc...

How much assembly is required?

Since we put the bike together before shipping for testing purposes but after that we have to remove some components to make it fit in the shipping container, you will have about a 10-15 minutes work on the bike (adjust the seat, put the mirrors on etc..)

Can two people fit on the electric bicycle?

We have seen four people on the bike but we do not recommend it!

What is the weight limit?

300 lbs but the less is the better.


How can I charge the battery?

The battery can be charged while it is on the bicycle or you can remove it, place it in your room, office etc. and charge it that way.


How can I  remove the battery?

It's very simple. By removing the battery you can place your bike in your RV or anywhere with ease because the battery represents about half of the bike's weight.

1/ Flip the seat forward by pushing the little control bar down underneath it. You may not be able to flip the seat if you purchase the seat with  the back rest. In that case, you will need to loosen the nut on the seat pole and lift the seat.

2/ Unlock the battery with  the ignition key

3/ Unplug the electrical wire from the battery terminal.

4/ Remove the battery pack by pulling it upwards.


Can I adjust the bike to my own height?

Yes, and it' s very simple. You can both adjust the seat and the handlebar to your specifications!