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Why our Infrared Heaters beat the competition

Reduce Energy Consumption by up to 65%!

  • Our Infrared Heaters maintain balanced temperatures from floor to ceiling without the noticeable ‘cold pockets’ common in baseboard heating systems
  • Heat the rooms you spend time in, not the whole house
  • Infrared heaters will heat a large room in just minutes with even heat - wall to wall and floor to ceiling
  • Electricity costs average about $1 per day

Infrared Technology

  • Nature heats and warms the earth through heat via the sun. Our infrared heaters use the same concept using short light rays that penetrate objects, including people
  • Infrared heat technology is eco‐friendly, using nature’s process to produce soft, healthy heat eliminating harmful monoxides found in conventional forced air heating systems, wood stoves, or kerosene space heaters
  • Our Infrared heaters are proven to be up to 50% more efficient than forced air furnaces
  • Our Infrared Heater heats 1500 square feet at 1500 Watts

Heats Comfortably and Economically

  • Our Infrared heaters provide even heat distribution
  • Thermostatically controlled, circulates and recycles heated air from floor to ceiling
  • Does not rely on high speed flow of air - instead, gentle air flow allows for better air mixing inside the unit for more effective heating action
  • Infrared Quartz Portable Heaters do not use burning heat. Once the heat exchanger absorbs the infrared heat, it exhales the heat into the living area which is carried by the existing humidity in the air, causing the heat to travel rapidly and evenly throughout a room.

Safe, Healthy Heating

  • The infrared quartz heating elements are confined inside a fire‐proof heat exchanger, while the outside remains ‘cool’ to the touch. Localized heat cannot burn or harm pets, children, or furniture
  • Our infrared heaters generate a healthier heat because unlike other heat sources, it will NOT reduce humidity or oxygen in the room.
  • Cleaner, infrared heat destroys organisms that may cause respiratory distress, colds, and flu


Product Warranty

We warrant that all heaters are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for one year after date of purchase.

After receiving the infrared heater, you must register the unit by completing the Warranty Form and mailing it back to us. In order to keep this limited warranty in effect, the heater must have been handled and used as prescribed in the instructions. This limited warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, misuse, abuse or negligence. This limited warranty is valid only if the product is used with the equipment specified on the product box.



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70% OFF


The Only Infrared Quartz Heaters
with Real Wood Cabinet to heat up to 1500 Sqft on the market!









The Only Infrared Heaters on the Market with Multiply Functions at the Lowest Price:

  • Infrared heating

  • Air cleaning

  • Air purifying

  • Air oscillation


  • 1500W 120V 60Hz Quartz infrared heater 5600BUT-Rated to heat up to 1500 Square Feet.
  • Cabinet constructed from furniture grade wood with Honey Oak or Black finish. 
  • 4 caster wheels under the wood cabinet Design. Easily rolled from room to room.
  • 6 feet Electric cord.
  • 5600BTU.
  • Commercial grade infrared heating elements rated for 25,000 hours
  • Electronic Thermostat with LCD digital display and remote control/  is accurate to +/- 1
  • With Remote control.
  • Max heat up to 85 degrees.
  • 55% Energy Saving than the normal heater.
  • Safety Cut Off Switch, automatically turns off if airflow is obstructed.
  • Lifetime washable electrostatic filter.
  • Manufacturer 30 days warranty.
  • No installation required!  just plug it in!
  • Assembled size: 19"H x 16"D x 13"W


Omega Luxury Infrared Quartz Heater  (With Remote controller)


Conserves Energy compared to most heaters
Temperature protection reset device
Rich colors for oak cabinet
Two groups of time set, automatically turn on and off.
Providing smart and sensitive control of room temperature, comfortable and energy saving
Over-current protection device
Protection against burns on the outlet

The infrared heaters work more efficiently and produce 55% more heat than other major brand in the market. This heater uses the low noise, high pressure fan for pushing hot air out of the heater. This means, all heat generated inside the heater is directed out thru the air vent, heating your room more evenly. Unlike other major brand heaters in the market, this Heater  produces instant heat when switch on. You do not need to wait minutes for the heater to warm up.

Unlike conventional heat sources, FAR infrared radiant heat energy travels 2-3 inches deep into the body. This thermal effect in the deep layers of tissues causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, promoting a better blood circulation.

Other benefits to enjoy:

  • Reduction in muscle and joint pain
  • Decreases joint stiffness
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases blood flow
  • Assists in removal of inflammatory free-radicals from the body
  • Infrared heat has been introduced now into cancer therapy


STRETCH your heating dollars - Why pay all your hard earned cash to heat your home to a comfortable level when you can achieve the same goal with our CZ Infrared heaters for years to come? You use less electricity to produce the same amount of heat. At a price you can afford - it is a one-time investment that will quickly pay for itself in no time flat with up to a 50% savings of your heat costs the first year! Simply the BEST Value!


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Retail for $399.50 plus $32.50 S&H   

Wait!  Now Only $189.50  with Free Shipping

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It's Not one of those plastic heaters you can see at other places. It's real wood!

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  Enjoy quality family time in TOASTY WARM COMFORT! As much as 80% of the infrared heat produced by these systems is absorbed by the objects in a room. Instead of heating the air, infrared heat heats the objects first, which in turn radiate the absorbed heat back into the room. This is why you feel more comfortable in a room heated with infra red radiant heat than conventional sources of heat.


The floor, ceiling and walls of the room are heated creating even heating. This more efficient process for heating can save up to 50% in energy costs! The same toasty warm enjoyment for your children playing on the floor as for you in your favorite recliner or fast asleep for the night! You are in your comfort zone.


Just Plug it In! No special wiring needed. Heat Your Entire Home or Just a Room! The choice is yours - the digital thermostat is accurate to within one degree to provide even, dependable comfort. Its portability allows you to heat only the areas of your choice!


Some of the testimonials:

"After buying the first one and setting it up in my house I was able to shut down three of my floor heaters in my house. This heater works great. My electric bill has gone down due to it and it was used during the month of February that got the most snow on the books so it ran every day." S. Franz- Ohio


"What a wonderful addition to our family room. It takes the chill our of the air in 5 minutes flat. Just enough heat to keep the furnace off here in Michigan. A smart buy. Can't keep the grandkids from sitting in front of it though, they love the instant warmth."  J. Dubs - Michigan


"Very skeptical about heater, but it is excellent at doing it's job!!!Heats up the room 12'x12' very quickly and uses little electric. My bill actually went down a little and it has been near zero most of the month of January!!" F. Debbol - NY


"This infrared heater comes with a good size. I could hide it easily at the little corner. The price is very reasonable for this because: my parents love it because it is very easy to use. At night, it is working so quietly and it warms up the whole house within minutes. we are happy with it.
Plus, it only takes this seller a day to deliver it to my house. we are totally amazed. I will recommend  this to my friends and coworkers.
Thank you for the services and great product!" J. Johnson- CA


We reserve the right to update your model with a newer version if it becomes available at no additional charge to you.