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  "doing business since 1997 is possible only by providing professional service to our Customers !"
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I just wanted to say that I am very satisfied with the machine from omega stores. It works as advertised. It took me about 4 trys to get the fell for the amount of tobacco to use and how much to pack it down. After that it was fast and dependable. I liked it so much I have ordered another one for my brother. The estimate of $1 per pack was spot on.  It is nice to do business with an hones company. I tell people I know all about it.
Van Vick. LA
" I received my roller machine today. It works great on my 100s tubes. After a few rolled, I found the right setting for a good cigarette. I already saved $23.00 on a carton of smokes today thanks to The machine is really waht is going on. I will recommend it to my smoker friends so they can start saving money.
Alvin Frady Jr.  ME

" I wasn't sure to order or not since I have never done it before on the Internet but I can tell you that it's easy, fast and I saved a bunch of money...and that's all that I wanted!"-Dr. Robert Steraness, Santa Fe, New Mexico

" We have been looking for a scooter for so long and finally we found you. Your price and service are excellent even when I emailed you because my "little devil" punctured the tire you shipped it quickly. You must have a kid otherwise you would not be able to understand what time means to a kid when he want to ride his scooter." Thanks Omega Stores, Dianna Emerson, Seattle, Washington

" Right, the bike is just as good as you described. I use it to get to work and figured out that I will make about $1200 a year using your bike instead of my old car not to mention that it's a real fun!!! Rick P. New York

" As you already know the bike was damaged just because that guy dropped it( thrown it) in front of my eyes!!! I couldn't believe it! Thank you guys for helping me with the claim and shipping an other one so quick. My neighbors ordered two bikes from you last week. I think mine looks betters...but I didn't tell them. Stephanie Barlou, Miami, Florida"

" I received my log splitter from omegastores and I am more than happy with it. It splits logs than those gas powered ones for over $1000.00 and it is very easy to use! I am 64, but I can handle this unit with no problem."

Steven K.- PA

"I always used my old fashion tool to split logs but after purchasing yours from omega stores I wish I had never used anything else...and I have no more backache either. Thank you"

Robert H. - MI

" I never believed that a small splitter can be so useful. Now, I Know what your machine can deliver.

Marianne W. - CA


" I do not have to pump it unlike the other one I had before and it is just simply better!!!" Great

Francis - IL


Bill, I received my electric log splitter via   UPS today. was splitting wood within 1 hour: It works great, It has more power than i thought possible, very easy to use..  If anyone wants any info please feel free to give them my email address. I have owned tractor mounted splitters  gas powered splitters and it compares with the best. at a cost that is unbelievely low.     Thanks   George Mohr   Jerome Mo.


"What a wonderful addition to our family room. It takes the chill our of the air in 5 minutes flat. Just enough heat to keep the furnace off here in Michigan. A smart buy. Can't keep the grandkids from sitting in front of it though, they love the instant warmth."  J. Dubs - Michigan


"Very skeptical about heater from omega , but it is excellent at doing it's job!!!Heats up the room 12'x12' very quickly and uses little electric. My bill actually went down a little and it has been near zero most of the month of January!!" F. Debbol - NY


"This heater comes with a good size. I could hide it easily at the little corner. The price is very reasonable for this because: my parents love it because it is very easy to use. At night, it is working so quietly and it warms up the whole house within minutes. we are happy with it.
Plus, it only takes this seller a day to deliver it to my house. we are totally amazed. I will recommend  this to my friends and coworkers.
Thank you for the services and great product!" J. Johnson- CA

"After buying the first one from omegastores and setting it up in my house I was able to shut down three of my floor heaters in my house. This heater works great. My electric bill has gone down due to it and it was used during the month of February that got the most snow on the books so it ran every day." S. Franz- Ohio

"very pleased with this bike .if i had the money i would bye one more." George K. Texas


"5 stars for the complete trike
Nothing but praise!!! I took the basket off and put a child seat there so I can carry my grandson easily!

Theresa O. Florida



"Bought this for a relative who is 73 years old and looking for way get around local streets without waiting hours for bus. Driving is not ideal as he hasn't driven for a while and parking is issue."

Larry R. Fresno, CA



"I searched for this item as I did not have any idea of products. I tried locally in NJ for a source. I no longer drive. I am dependent on family to shop, travel all on their valuable time .
Unit was delivered on schedule and in prime condition. I had my grandson put the unit together. I then had a professional check out the unit . COMENT BY PROFESSIONAL "TOP QUALITY UNIT" It is NOT A POWER ADDED TRIKE AS MOST ARE
I live in Point Pleasant Beach in Ocean county I now can shop on my own. the basket is a good size. I have used the unit with power. the charger works well. prefer the speed and length of charge.


I ENCOURAGE ANYONE WHO HAS THE PROBLEM OF INDEPENDET LIVING TO CONSIDER THIS UNIT . If I can do the manual if needed. think Im 85 yrs. It would have been a breeze at 75. I AM FREE AGAIN"

Kenneth A. NJ.

"I don't know what all you nerds are complaining about out there. For the price this bike is freaking awesome! I weigh about 230 pounds and pull a trailer with two 40 pound kids with ease. I live in a very hilly area and get up and down with no problems. I highly reccomend this bike for anyone, especially if you are pulling a trailer. Enjoy!"
Vondell T. NY
"I ordered this at to help me make a 14 mile commute. The bike came well packaged and mostly assembled. Just follow the good instructions and you'll be up and riding in about an hour. (without the battery as it needs 8 hours to charge.)

So far I've put on about 60 miles and here are my impressions:

1. The build quality is good, very strong frame. The rear brakes and derailleur came factory adjusted and I did not need to tweak them. Nice! The front brakes are adjusted during the assembly process, but it's easy.

2. I would recommend putting loctite on the pivot screw threads for the hand brakes. One of mine vibrated off (never to be found) within the first 3 hours of riding. And they are metric, just in case you have to go through the same thing. I also put loctite on the screws that secure the hand brakes to the handle bars as are similar.

3. The battery/motor combination seems well tuned. I set my expectations low and road the bike for awhile without the battery assist. Then on the hill up to our house I used the battery, what a difference it makes, wonderful!

4. Beware of the weight of the bike and battery when you dismount. I'm a bigger guy so it doesn't bother me too much, but you have to take care when you are off the bike if you lift the front tire and the bike is at an angle. The weight of the battery makes the bike want to fall over easier. It's best to grab the seat tube to maintain control when you are moving the bike around.

5. I thought the heavier bike and battery combination would make the bike difficult to move, but the low rolling resistance of the hybrid tires make the bike seem easier to move than my knobby tire mountain bike.

6. The brakes are good and wide to give extra stopping power.

8. If you are going to be riding this for more than 30 minutes at a time, I highly recommend getting one of the wide saddle seats. Unless you are gifted with an iron butt, you'll figure this out soon enough.

Cheers and good riding!"
Ronald L. UT
I" gave this bike a couple of weeks on the road before writing this review...

I commute 20 miles round-trip to school and back, and I did it with a regular bike for a couple of weeks before I picked up the Currie. The difference is absolutely amazing!!! I rarely use full-throttle, and the pedal-assist has knocked a full minute of my mile time. I haven't been able to run the battery dry yet, and I push the weight limit a little with my books on the back. The only fall-back I can see so far is the weight of this thing. The bike itself is about 50 pounds, and the battery is another 40 or so. I couldn't imagine having two batteries on the back of this thing!

Anyway, I am very pleased with my purchase. This bike was quite simple to put together out of the box, and I was riding it within half an hour. Battery charges quickly (4-6 hours) and lasts for at least 20 miles on flat land. Well worth the price!"
Valerie W.  Biloxi, MI
"I was looking for more economical mode of commuting as I was spending more than $750 per month for rented car plus $150 for gas. I could not buy a car as my SSN got delayed for almost 3 months. I bought this for $429 plus another $50 for accessories.I was not sure whether this will work for commuting. First day it travelled 8 miles, without peddling (for full charge) and I had to peddle for 2 miles. Next day it travelled 8.5 miles. By the end of 1st week I did not have to peddle at all. Last 1.5 months I am using it every day to commute to my office, which is exactly 5 miles from my home, without a single problem. Currently it can travel 30 to 38 miles per charge without peddling. There is hardly any maintenance reqiured. Just clean it using wet cloth every weekend and do some oiling to the chain once a month. It has saved me more than $1200 in 1.5 months with hardly $2 for chrging (after charging for 45 times)! I also use it for some excercise for couple of miles after I come back from office. It has helped me in both commuting most economically and excercising whenever I wanted. It has reasonably good speed as well. It used to take 15 minutes to reach office using car (considering 16 traffic lights!), while now it takes 22 to 25 minutes using this bicycle. Now I have decided not to buy car at all as this electric bicycle solves my commute problem. One improtant thing I did was I did not drain the battery completely as was recommended by Currie and I thinkk it worked well for me. The battery is also in very good condition and I am sure it will go at least for 6 months. Getting new battery is just $120, i.e. $20 per month. So it costs $22 (including charging cost) per month compared to $900 if I go for car, which is huge saving for me. I strongly recomend this to everyone having commute less than 12 miles. One battery is good if the commute is less than 6 miles (one way) while you can use two batteries if you have to commute 10-12 miles one way."
Benito H. Chehalis, WA
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