Shipping Corrections and After Delivery Issues


Address Correction Fees
Orders which have been submitted to us with incorrect address information and have not been corrected before they are shipped will incur a $15.00 charge.

Incorrect address information would include: 

Missing apartment or suite number, wrong house number, missing company name, wrong zip code, multiple addresses listed in the street field, or any other error which would render the package undeliverable resulting in it being either returned to us, or held for correct address information by the carrier. 
Incorrect addresses may also result in delayed delivery.

*Please double check your shipping address for accuracy*

The $15.00 fee may be charged to us by the shipping company  when packages are undeliverable due to lack of, or bad information in the address field.  This fee will be billed to the credit card, or check the order was originally placed under. 

Shipped and Non-returned item Fees, and Shipping Charges

Shipments which have been sent to our customers must be pre-paid.

Company reserves the right to debit and re-debit customer's account if:

  • company ships an item and customer did not pay,

  • an item was shipped by error then company provided free return label with customer but customer did not return item,

  • item was shipped but customer reported that any parts of the product was damaged and requested company to replace them without filing a claim with the shipping company first,

  • product was shipped to the address provided by customer and said item was returned claimed to be undeliverable,

  • item was shipped but customer refused it for any reason without notifying company first. In this case the product is being  returned to shipper and company charges customer for the actual shipping fees and re-ship item,

  • customer is in the possession of both the product and the funds.


Lift gates, inside and special services charges when shipping heavy (usually over 150 lbs) items:

Company reserves the right to debit and re-debit customer's account, and customer automatically agrees to these fees with the purchase and the acceptance of the product if:

  • the freight company must use lift gate to deliver item. Cost: $60.00 - $175.00

  • the freight company must have inside delivery. Cost: $65.00 -$165.00

  • the freight company must make appointment or redelivery. Cost: $160 - $1,250.00

Customer will be charged the actual fee for any of these services as shown on the public freight quote form.


Returned items

 Returned items must bear a RMA or CMA number and must be addressed to the return location instructed by the company.

If no such markings or wrong address is used, company reserves the right to act as a warehouseman for 15 days and after such 15 days the items will be discarded, if no claim is arrived from customer within such period of time. Items will be stored for a maximum of 15 days that were sent to our company for any reasons then they will be discarded.


Lost or Missing shipment:

On rare occasions, freight companies can loose or misplace shipments due to the fact that they are still hiring human beings prone to make mistakes. In such cases, they have the right to search for the missing item. If the lost goods are not found usually after the 10th day they notify the consignee and the shipper, so the necessary paperwork can be filed for the claim.

Shipper must pay the freight company even if the goods are lost, therefore consignee cannot cancel the order with the seller in regards to the loss of shipment. However the seller must provide an other item with the consignee after the ten day period.


After Delivery Issues

          omegastores, 314 Main ST #4572, Wallingford, CT 06492        before a replacement can be shipped out.